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Website Audit

TreeTopFrog offers a range of free website audits to help you improve your online performance. Whether you want to find out how a certain web page is optimised for a particular search phrase or how your overall website health is, then this is a great place to start.

We also offer audits for Google My Business (GMB) and Google Ads. Both of these entities are powerful traffic driving resources and optimisation is key for performance and ROI. Each of the audits listed below are free and are designed to help you shape your future.

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Webpage SEO Audit

Webpage Audit

Website Seo Audit

Website Health

Google My Business Audit

Google My Business

Google Ads Audit

Google Ads Audit

Webpage Audit

A Webpage Audit is used to find out how well optimised your webpage is for a particular search query. Your website pages should be optimised for relevant keywords that will help search engines understand the purpose of that page and how well it satisfies user search intent.

For example, if somebody is looking for a Search Engine Optimisation company in Edinburgh, they might type into a search engine, “SEO Edinburgh”. Our job is to optimise our Edinburgh SEO Services page for that search query.

When we know what user search intent we are trying to satisfy, we can then use keyword research and mapping to find out what keyword and search phrases we want the page to be optimised for. We can then curate our Content Creation  with a range of semantically related words and phrases. The better that page is optimised, the better that page will rank in the Search Engine Results Pages for those user searches.

A well optimised page will have a range of contextually relevant information. From images to content, meta data to headings, it is important that everything is pulling in the same direction.

Using our free webpage SEO Audit tool, you will quickly be able to see how well (or how badly) your page is optimised. It’s is only when you see the results can you go about taking actionable steps to improve your webpage.

Website Audit

A website audit is the analyses of your website to find out how healthy it is. An audit finds and highlights any issues that your site may have. Once you have that information, you can start on your journey to fix them and improve the overall health of your site. When our Edinburgh Web Design team complete a website, it is always audited and optimised before handover.

A healthy site will perform better in search engine results so it is important that your site is in top condition. If you use the contact form below to provide your details, we will run a website audit for you and email you your results. Our audit will help you understand how you can improve your websites health by analysing the following factors:

  • Key domain characteristics
  • Meta description
  • Page URL structure
  • Index status and cached snapshot
  • Image analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Header tags
  • Keyword total
  • Link analysis
  • Website Load speed
  • Social media presence
  • Usability and technical analysis

Google My Business Audit

When users are searching for local businesses, Google provides a snippet from Maps, to show the top three relevant businesses listed in Google. These listings are Google My Business (GMB) listings and this area is referred to as the ‘local pack’ or ‘map pack’.  This local pack shows a map and three listings and is usually placed below the Ads section and above the organic listings section.

The significance of this is that many searchers use this area to select who they are going to contact. In addition to having a very high click through rate, reviews are on display for each listing which can influence who the user will choose to contact.

In order to get your GMB listing into this area requires having an optimised GMB. It is a very competitive part of local listings as the rewards and returns for a local business being listed there can be very high! So, if you are looking to increase your visibility and break into the local pack then contact us for your free Google My Business Audit.

Google Ads Audit

Running a Google Ads campaign can be a very effective way to drive traffic to your site and convert more visitors into customers. With Pay Per Click Ads, you can immediately have your website listed at the very top of the search engine results pages.

PPC campaigns, when properly optimised, can be very lucrative. If, however, your campaign is not optimised then it can be a a quick fire way to throw money away.

From keyword research to negative search terms, it is imperative that you are maximising your Ads. With our Google Ads Audit, we can analyse your campaign and highlight ways in which you can improve your Ads so that you can increase your return on investment.

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