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Our SEO Edinburgh Services help you attract more visitors by increasing your business visibility in online searches. When your website is optimised for search engines (such as Google and Bing), it ranks higher in search results which makes it easier to be found online. This helps deliver more traffic and combined with a well designed, user friendly website, convert more potential customers. Our SEO Edinburgh services are available for all businesses in Scotland and the UK.

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TreeTopFrog is a digital marketing and SEO company based in Edinburgh. We combine high performance web design with search engine optimisation, content creation, eCommerce, PPC and social media so that you can grow your business online. If you are looking for SEO in Edinburgh , Scotland or the UK, then get in touch today. TreeTopFrog SEO Edinburgh is a company in the industry that you can trust. We work closely with all our clients to ensure a reliable, trustworthy and transparent Search Engine Optimisation service

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You can be sure that many of your online competitors are not paying much attention to their Search Engine Optimisation. This therefore means that with a little bit of love, you can leapfrog your competition online. Putting part of your marketing budget aside for a trusted SEO campaign will ensure that you can enjoy a healthy return on investment. When you partner with us, we will combine robust web design with powerful SEO strategies.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website so that it is both search engine friendly and user friendly: the content is both engaging and optimised. Similar to your social media campaign. A well optimised website will perform better in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). There are many aspects to SEO and but at the very minimum, you should have a website that is structurally and technically sound complimented with top quality content

The % of hits for the top 3 sites listed in Google searches
The % chance of your website link being clicked if it is not in the top 5
Page 2… is where dead bodies are hidden!

SEO Services Edinburgh

Website Audit & On Page Optimisation

All Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns begins with a search engine audit. An audit will provide a complete overview of how your website performs. A web design SEO Audit will highlight key on-page performance indicators and suggest improvements. On-page optimisation is the process of analysing the Technical, Meta, Structure and Content with the aim of making updates that will help improve your rankings in the SERPS. By improving you page speed, images, internal linking, titles, descriptions, you can turbo boost your site’s performance, improve user experience and increase your rankings. Want to know how your website is performing? Fill in your details below and we will send you your FREE SEO Audit.

Website Structure

Website structure is very important for both the user and the search engine crawlers. If your structure is not well optimised it makes it harder for search engines to fully understand all your content. If the user experience is poor then converting visitors into customers will prove to be a struggle. There are various ways to structure a website and we look at each business individually to understand what will work best for you.

Keyword Research

What is keyword research and why is it important? The answer is all about user intent. What is it that a search engine user is looking for when entering a search term. Your web pages should be optimised for these search terms so that it satisfies user intent. Your web-page should be provide answers that are relevant to both your services (or products) with what the user is searching for. Keyword research involves analysing search terms and determining what is the most relevant to your web page and – and this is very important – what is the likely-hood that you can rank high for that search term. As an SEO Web Design and Internet Marketing Agency, we have access to premium tools and effective techniques to optimise your web pages to rank for your relevant keywords.

Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking is the process of monitoring how your web pages are ranking for your chosen keywords. The aim is to watch, over time, as your rankings increase. For every page your site has there will be a range of variations on keywords. We can use this data to analyse what is working and how to improve to other pieces of content that are not doing so well. The goal is to get as many of your pages as high up in online searches as possible.

Competitor Comparison

In the words of Sun Tzu, “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” Understanding what it is that your competitors are ranking for online and why they are ranking provides great insights, The more you understand about the battlefield, the more prepared you are to become a leader in your niche. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your competitors that will help with you leapfrog your competitors and improve your online visibility. Fro web design to link building, we ensure that you are well positioned to leapfrog your competitors.

Organic Outreach

We all know that networking is important in the business world. We know that people buy from people and that will always be the case. Similarly, in the digital world, having your website network with other sites is very good for business. The more connections in the world wide web you have, the better your site will perform. The connections, otherwise known as links, helps your site earn trust. With trust, comes better rankings. We have years of experience in using and delivering this unique requirement successfully.

Content Creation

Content comes in many guises: articles, blogs, images, videos, info-graphics and more. TreeTopFrog will look after all your content needs by either creating in house or out sourcing to our highly skilled freelancers of choice, Great Content Creation is at the heart of any SEO campaign and we are here to help you to be the best you can with engaging and effective content.

Detailed Reports

So you are investing some of your marketing budget in our Edinburgh SEO Services and of course, would like to see what value you are getting. Fear not young Jedi, we will provide you with easy to read reports that are visually insightful and provide a great overview of the progress your business is making. we love audits, reports and actionable checklists.

SEO Campaigns and Strategy

We research the best search terms, curate the most effective content and implement effective SEO strategies to help you perform better in organic (unpaid) search results. We work closely with all our clients to ensure our on-page and off-page SEO services are right for your business. We are a people driven business and pride ourselves on providing you with a friendly, fun and insightful SEO service you deserve. We combine a range of organic and leading strategies to develop your website for search engine optimisation.

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Local SEO Agency Services

Local SEO is all about having your website rank for local search queries. The best way to do this is ensure that you have a Google My Business listing. With a well optimised GMB profile you should aim to get into, what is known as the, Local pack. In this image (below on mobiles), you can see TreeTopFrog listed in the first position of the local pack for SEO Web Design Edinburgh. By having your business listed in the local finder with Google maps, you will increase the amount of enquires you receive. Just like organic SEO, it is important that your GMB listing is very well optimised. We are specialists in doing this and offer a free audit on your listing. Chose the ‘FREE GMB Audit’ from the drop down menu on our Contact Form and we will send you your free GMB Audit.

Local SEO Agency Services

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