Fast Frog Web Hosting


Maintenance Includes:

✓  Daily Backups / External Cloud Backups
✓  Plugin Updates / Weekly Optimisation
✓  Internal /  External  Malware Scanning
✓  Uptime Monitor / Comment Management
✓  Monthly Reports
✓  Priority Phone Support



Website Hosting and Maintenance You can Trust

If you care about your website and are committed to keeping it in top condition and as safe as possible then this hosting plan is for you. Our dedicated Fast Frog Website Hosting and Maintenance Plan ensures that your site is constantly being monitored, updated and backed up.

The total cost is £180 per year which works out at £15 per month.

What makes Fast Frog Hosting different?

We offer this service so that you can have peace of mind and know that your website is in safe hands. We are passionate about helping businesses be the best they can be online and website security and optimisation is absolutely key. Our package ensures that all your plugins and software are being kept up to date. We manage your spam comments and provide both internal and external security checks. Local back up and external backups mean you have a level of safety not provided by your average hosting plan.  Our monthly reports provide an easy to read overview of all website maintenance.

What is included?

✓  WordPress Website
✓  5 Mailboxes
✓  Free Migrations
✓  Unlimited SSD Web Space
✓  Superfast WP Cache
✓  Unlimited Bandwidth
✓  FREE SSL Certificates
✓  Daily Backups
✓  Fortnightly External Cloud Backups
✓  Plugin Updates
Weekly Optimisation
✓  Internal /  External  Malware Scanning
✓  Monthly Reports
✓  Priority Phone Support
✓  Uptime Monitor
✓  Comment Management

I already have hosting so why should I move to Fast frog Hosting?

That is a great question! And we will answer it with a question! Does your current hosting make sure that all your software, plugins, comments and database are continually updated? If the answer is no, then you may want to move to Fast Frog Hosting!

What is the difference between Internal and External Backups?

Internal backups are taken daily by the server that hosts your website. However, web servers traditionally only keep backups for 30 days. If your site is unfortunate and becomes infected with malware then the obvious fix is to restore it to an earlier point. However, if the restoration is set back to 30 days previous but the site still has malware then there is a serious problem. It most probably needs to be rebuilt. With our external backups, we will have backups that are available to restore for up to 1 year.

What is included in the Fast Frog Hosting Monthly Reports?

Our reports will be emailed to you and show you how many software updates have been carried out. How many scans have been successfully completed and any other optimisations. We can also provide a basic overview of your website traffic (if connected to Google Analytics) so you can have a full 360 view of your website data.

Why is this more expensive?

It is more expensive than normal hosting due to the amount of work being carried out on your website. The important factor here is the ongoing maintenance that regular hosting does not provide. For more information about why you should keep your WordPress website software up to date, click then link.

On average, website owners will pay £5 per month on hosting. This plan is £15 per month so for an extra £10 per month you are hiring a full time website servicing service.