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360° Review

Giving Your Business Laser Like Focus

Our 360° Review & Analysis

Our 360° Review is designed to give you a simple yet brilliantly elegant and efficient way to look at your business. We embrace modern lean methodologies to fine-tune your business plan and improve your marketing strategies…. Into a 2 page document!

Our relatively small document is made up from two parts (1 page each!): Lean Business Plan & Mean Marketing Strategy. Working dynamically, these small, but thoughtful components are the small hinges that swings big doors!

  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Laser Like Focus

Mean Marketing Strategies & Lean Business Planning

Have you ever written a business or marketing plan that no one ever reads? Not even you? It took so long to write and used up half the printer paper that you obviously know what you need to be doing? Right! You can waste many a day putting together documentation that gets filed away in a drawer. We understand your pain! (Note: Don’t get us wrong, a full specification business plan has it’s place and is a valuable part of the growing process, especially when competing for funding).  Our 360 Review is different in that it is lean and mean! It’s only 2 pages and symbolises our methodology to: work smarter not harder! And… it’s scientifically proven and used by large tech organisations globally!

marketing strategies with our 360 review

Return On Investment

When building your business, it is vital that you know as much about your own business as you do your market place. Knowing what your customers really want and thus, how to leapfrog your competition is vital in your business growth. Without it, you will be losing money (by advertising in the wrong places), leaving cash on the table (by missing opportunities) and wasting resources (by pitching to the wrong people). Our 360° Review optimises your Return On Investment.

Unique Selling Point

Most businesses do not focus on their USP. When asked about it, they say things like: Quality; Best; Cheapest etc. These are not your Unique Selling Points! These are boring and tedious ways of trying to sell your ‘commodity’. You have to take your product or service and make it special. Make it different. Make it an attractive and eye catching proposition with an unmissable opportunity for your customers to engage. We help you on your mission!

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

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