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Expired Domain Names For Sale

We like to collect and source expired and aged domain names. Used correctly, these can add real value to your online campaign. Our domain names have been extensively researched to ensure that they have a clean profile, high trust flow and an established collection of relevant connections.

Why buy an expired domain?

There are various reasons why you would want to buy an expired domain. It may be that it is the exact domain name that you have been looking for: a domain that includes your primary keywords that best describe your business.

Or, you may simply want to take advantage of a domain that has established trust which can be easily redirected to your primary site.

The challenge with new domains

When businesses start out, they usually buy a brand new domain name. More often than not, this is a compromise because the one that they really wanted has already been taken. Sound familiar?

Another problem when buying a brand new domain is that is has yet to establish trust from search engines which takes a serious amount of time and investment. A quality expired domain helps you to do this for a fraction of the cost in a short space of time. 

The benefits of aged domains

When you purchase an expired domain, you can take advantage of a domain name that has age, trust and traffic on it’s side. The traffic will come from back links which help search engines to find your site. These links act like “votes” and can be helpful in your SEO Strategy. The more relevant votes your website has, the better chance of ranking higher in online searches.

Acquiring votes to your site is difficult at best. But, with an expired domain, you can take advantage of a site that has already been established and redirect to your site. Happy days!

Note: in order to do this safely, we recommend that you only use expired domains to redirect to your site once or twice. We advise against doing this in any sort of scale. It is common for businesses to buy other businesses and acquire their assets so once or twice is perfectly fine. However, buying up multiple domains for redirection would look suspicious and we recommend that you avoid this tactic.

What tools do we use to analyse domains?

TreeTopFrog has a range of premium tools that we use to filter out all the useless domains so that we only acquire quality aged domains. The tools that we use include Majestic, Moz, and SEMRush. All off these platforms allow free trials so if you would like to check before you buy then you can sign up for a free trial and check out all the metrics.

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