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The benefits of having your own online shop

You can complement your own business by having a online eCommerce shop or you can start a new business that you can run from home. An online shop is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can reach a global market place. It is a great way to bring in more sales.

Globally, the eCommerce marketplace continues to grow year after year (nearly 14%) and accounts for nearly 18% of the retail sector. It is a really exciting time to take your adventure to the next level.

Our eCommerce specialist solutions build form the ground up. Our stores are developed to compliment your products and provide you with the best possible platform for long term success.

Long-term eCommerce shop success

When building an eCommerce business, there are a lot of things to consider to position yourself into a place that is going to bring you long term success. Overnight success is highly unlikely but with the right foundations, the world is your lobster!


You can be up and running for cheaper using dedicated platforms like, Shopify. We believe that this is a short-term approach that will be of a long-term disadvantage. With monthly subscriptions (that increase with more sales) you will pay a lot more for your store if you plan on being around in a few years time. Another issue is that you are in the hands of a 3rd party platform: you not have full control of your online business. We use WordPress and WooCommerce to ensure that you have full control of your business that will be a lot cheaper in the long-term.


An online shop must be fully optimised for both the user and search engines.  It is essential that your products, categories, tags, filters and SEO are structured and populated efficiently to give yourself the best change for success. A poorly optimised shop will not convert viewers into buyers and worse still, none of your products will be found in searches online. As eCommerce specialists, we will provide you with a robust infrastructure and expertly engineered site so you can have a clear path to success.


As the say, Content is King! Your shop should have professional looking images and banners, Your descriptions for products and categories should be finely crafted and furthermore, you should have expert looking sign-up forms and mailing templates. We can help you with all the media you need. We offer a full range of content creation that will give your business the perfect platform for turning customers into cash. We can create for you automated mailing campaigns that are fully integrated into your site and linked to coupon codes and special offers. Furthermore, we will ensure your site is fully tracked with Google analytics so you have access to key data metrics.

Payment Gateway

We integrate your store with a range of payments gateways that suit you. You can choose from a wide range of options that include, PayPal, Stripe and BACS. Your store will be designed to provide a customer experience that you would expect from the very best of online retailers such as amazon.

ecommerce web design for Hemporium CBD

Hemporium CBD Ltd eCommerce Case Study #2

Hemporium CBD approached us to build out their new site. Having spotting a niche in the market they were excited about getting up and running quickly. We did exactly that. using a purposeful green and white colour combination, we created a clean and modern site. We used Photoshop for transparent product images and curated content that would be more detailed, organic and original than their competitors. A great deal of detail was implemented in the SEO and within 2 months the site started to rank well in Google.

Our content writing was massively restricted due to the nature of the products as it is against HMRA and FSA to make any reference or suggestion to medical claims. On evaluation by the Trades Association, their site passed all audits 1st time which was very unusual for sites within that industry. The combination of well thought out and optimised content meant that they became making online sales as a new business within two months. Hemporium CBD continue to go from strength to strength and grow their online business.

Inverallan Ltd eCommerce Case Study #2

We were contacted by Inverallan Ltd to evaluate their eCommerce site which they were extremely unhappy about. After providing a free audit, the news was not good. Everything about the site was wrong… The list was as long as Leith walk!

We built their new site from the ground up. With over 500 images optimised and resized, we created an effective filtering system with responsive design including integration with MailChimp and Google. The biggest job was to organise all products into appropriate categories and have variable product listings so the user could change the size and colour without having to visit another product page. The spreadsheet used to collate and organise the data was huge and was key in designing the site. Inverallan Ltd are delighted with their new site.

ecommerce web design for Inverallan

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