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TreeTopFrog is a Web Design Company based at The Shore in Leith, Edinburgh. We work with companies all over Scotland and the UK and specialise in helping businesses grow online. Our wide range of digital marketing services are designed to help you: Improve your online visibility, increase your traffic and convert more visitors into customers.

We finely craft high performing Web Design with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), eCommerce Shopping, Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads and Content Creation to help you unlock your online potential!

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Do you know if your website is a liability or asset?

We love to collect data so we can ensure that your website is working for you. We integrate all our designs with Google Analytics, Search Console and Data Studio so that we can have a 360 degree analysis of your online performance. Whether it is tracking your positions in the search engine results pages or comparing how many users clicked on your listing this month or calculating your conversion rate – we have you covered! You can benefit from our love of data! We compare results and run tests to find out what works best for you. And the great thing is… you can sit back, relax and let us do the hard work for you. We will provide you with easy to read custom reports that makes it easy for you to understand how your website is performing.

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We don’t just build websites… We engineer them!

Driven by the power of data and design, we develop high performance websites.

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Modern & Mobile Friendly Websites

Do you have a website? Do you need a new website? Or do you need a mobile friendly website? If so, TreeTopFrog is here to help! We specialise in creating modern websites that you and your business can be proud off. All our designs are built to look beautiful on all devices. We create digital assets that support and promote your online business. Working closely with all our clients, we design responsive websites that represent your company values and brand.

Unsure if your site is mobile friendly? Use this Free Google Tool to check.

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The Benefits of WordPress Design

We are experts at utilising the WordPress platform to develop your website. WordPress is a content management system that is the perfect foundation for creating modern day websites. It is no surprise that WordPress powers 31% of the internet! One of the great benefits of using WordPress is that it easily allows you to maintain your website. This can be a great cost saving exercise if you want to do this yourself and not have to pay for updates. We offer training if you would like to take full control of your site. If you would rather we do it then we are, of course, happy to help.

Website Design, Development and Maintenance

Site Maintenance 

Keeping your website in good health and up to date essential. A bit like running a car: you want to have regular maintenance to ensure that everything is running as it should be. If for example, you have software and plugins that are out of date then that poses a security threat. updating content will also give you a much better chance of increasing your visibility and attracting more customers.

Common Website Issues

There are many types of problems that a website can have that is stopping you from fulfilling your online potential. Common issues are: page loading time (this is not appreciated by search engines!), lack of clear calls to action (can drive potential customers away) and poor infrastructure which creates a whole host of problems.

We are here to build you a website that is fast, effective and easy to maintain.

Edinburgh Website Support

Website Design, Training & Support

We are an Edinburgh Web Design company and support client all over the country. We are available to provide in-house or online training for you and your team. We pride ourselves on providing first class web design, training and support. Contact us today to discuss your how we can help you develop and grow.

Do you have a Facebook Page?

Quite often, we will speak with potential clients that are unaware of the benefits of having a website because they have a Facebook Page! Don’t get us wrong, a Facebook Page is part of your online digital marketing campaign and if you can master the art of social media, can be very profitable to your business. However, this is not the best solution; it is a solution! It is only one part of the campaign. The main issue with Facebook Pages is that your data is controlled by a 3rd party. Facebook also charge you to reach more of your very own audience. What does that tell you about the future? After recent scandals involving Cambridge Analytics, it is reasonable to question… how safe is your data? Are large competitors being given access to your own customers and worse still… will Facebook start charging even more to reach your audience. Worse still, what if there was no Facebook? Sounds far fetched but the point is this.. with your own website, you have full control. It’s better not to put all your eggs in one basket and let a 3rd party be the gatekeepers to your online future.

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