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TreeTopFrog is a digital design agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specialise in helping grow small businesses with a wide range of internet and digital marketing services. Our creative small business solutions help you to improve visibility, increase sales and attract more customers. We are the one stop shop you have been looking for.

TreeTopFrog 360 review

Give your business laser like focus with our bespoke 360° Review

TreeTopFrog - SEO

Increase your online visibility by ranking higher in search engines

TreeTopFrog Web Design

Improve your conversions with a modern & mobile friendly website

TreeTopFrog ecommerce

Grow your business with quality eCommerce solutions

TreeTopFrog digital add ons

Stand out from the crowd: Logos, video, content creation and creativity

TreeTopFrog ecommerce

Leapfrog to the top of Google searches with our bespoke PPC campaigns

Your Success is Our Success

TreeTopFrog, Digital Agency Scotland, looks at your business inside and out and helps you become remarkable! We finely craft small business solutions with modern methodologies with traditional techniques into a responsive recipe for success. We are passionate about helping you unlock your potential.

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360° Review

  Full 360° Content Review

✓  Analysis of your Business

✓  Unbiased Perspective

✓  Mean Marketing Campaign

✓  Lean Business Plan

✓  Return on Investment Analysis

✓  Bespoke Strategy & Action plan

✓  More 360° Information


✓  Website Audit

✓  Keyword Research

✓  On-Page Optimisation

✓  Rank Tracking

✓  Competitor Comparison

✓  Detailed Reports

✓  Marketing Goals

✓  Content Creation

✓  Website Structure

✓  Backlinks

✓  Blogs & Citations

✓  Infographics

✓  Press Release

✓  More SEO Information

Web Design

✓  Installation & Setup

✓  Bespoke Design

✓  Responsive & Mobile Friendly

✓  Quality User Experience

✓  Content Management System (CMS) and Instructions

✓  Multiple Pages + Contact Page

✓  Integrated Social Media

✓  Google Search Console, Analytics and Business Page setup

✓  Enhanced Security

✓  Optimised Site speed

✓  Newsletter Sign-up

✓  Maintenance Plan

✓  Premium Options

✓  eCommerce Solutions

✓  Tutorials

✓  More Web Information


✓  Video Production

✓  Logo Design

✓  Motion Graphics

✓  Banner Adverts

✓  Analytics

✓  Photography

✓  eBook Design

✓  Audio

✓  More Add-On Info

Pay Per Click

✓  Google Search

✓  Facebook Ads

✓  YouTube

✓  Detailed Reports

✓  Dedicated Campaign Manager

✓  Return on Investment

✓  More PPC Information

We Research. We Create. We think differently so You can shape Your future!

All our digital marketing services are designed to compliment each other. Your business will have maximum benefit when you work with us through all the stages. However, we understand that for different reasons, you may only need 1 or perhaps 2 of our services. Fear not young Jedi, because we will integrate these services into your business in a seamless and efficient manner that will ensure your growth. We are flexible, efficient and passionate about helping you unlock your potential. Your success is our success!

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